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The student teaching in the Department includes lectures, computer and laboratory exercises in selected topics of computer science, mathematics, chemistry and management. Computer classes are carried out in two computer laboratories equipped with 26 computers, working in a network.

The tradition of the Department is associated with the heritage of two former departments: Applications of Mathematical Methods and Chemistry of the Environment. Students can gain the knowledge and skills in mathematical methods (numerical methods, optimization, statistics, remote sensing), information technology (spreadsheets, databases, graphics, various programs for engineering calculations) and in chemistry that later are necessary tools in the study and analysis of the phenomena and processes in environmental engineering.

Courses conducted in the Department give students a fundamental knowledge for understanding many problems that students face on subsequent engineering courses at the Faculty. This fundamental knowledge contributes to the quality of future engineers, establishing their intellectual level much higher than the technician and letting them use the state of the art of theoretical knowledge and scientific methods.

Topics of diploma thesis