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The Department conducts a various environmental studies in the field of chemistry, computer science and environmental statistics many scientific publications in reputable IF journals and received scientific grants.

The Department cooperates with the industry on the implementation of joint research projects that allows for using scientific knowledge in order to solve practical problems related to the environmental protection that occur in the industry. The cooperation with the industry is also increasing the attractiveness of the Faculty to students, because of the attractive opportunity to gain experience and then find a good job.

The cooperation with the central governmental agencies and authorities (in particular with the Ministry of Environment, and other bodies of public administration) favors expanding the knowledge owned by these bodies, in particular concerning information in the field of environmental protection. The Department uses this information in the learning process.

The scientific projects conducted in cooperation with numerous commercial institutions and public administration give input to the integration of science with the industry and allow for the practical application and implementation of research results.

Some of the cooperating institutions: