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Chemistry of the Environment Group

The Group specializes in issues related to the chemistry of water and wastewater.
The Laboratory of Water and Wastewater is involved in chemical analyses of water, wastewater and sludge in the field of elementary indicators of pollution. Analyses are carried out in accordance with Polish Standards. Laboratory also conducts studies on methods of removal hardly degradable, toxic, anthropogenic organic pollutants from wastewater. In particular, two methods are applied: advanced oxidation processes based on the use of hydrogen peroxide, ozone and UV radiation, and the electrooxidation mainly indirect anodic electrooxidation and elektroFenton process.
The Laboratory of Metals in the Environment is developing methods for the determination and speciation of metals in water, wastewater, sediments, soil and air. It also provides the study of the migration of metals in all parts of the environment, including the penetration of metals into plants. During analyses flame and electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometers are used.
The Laboratory of Organic Micropollutants is developing methods for the determination of anthropogenic pollution of water, wastewater, sludge and soil. The main objectives of the studies are petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs and organotin compounds. Analyses are performed using a gas chromatograph with a mass detector.
The Laboratory of Physical Measurements in Environment develop measurement methods of electromagnetic fields in the environment.